Italy - Sardinia

by David Sutcliffe



It's the colour of the sea that will stay with you longer than most memories of Sardinia.  I have never seen such beautiful shades of blue and such clear water in the Mediterranean than I did on this spectacular Italian island.


Actually, I say Italian, but there is a real sense of being elsewhere here and the locals have a strong sense of independence, regarding themselves as Sardinians first and foremost.  The flag of Sardinia (like the English St George's cross with a moor's head in each quarter) flies everywhere and is much more noticeable than the mainland's tricolour.


It's a strange mix of an island, reminding me in different parts of the Caribbean, Spain and even Formby on Merseyside with its beautiful sand dunes.  To paraphrase the South African advert it feels like the whole world in one island.


I only had a few days to explore the south-west coast but took in several hotels, including the famous Forte Village, and managed to get a real feel for the area.  Flying into Cagliari from Manchester makes this coast easily accessible and ideal for families as well as couples and single travellers.  You need to choose wisely, but there really is a perfect accommodation for any client and I'd be happy to discuss options with you.