TravelTalk - Winter 2018/19

Travel News The Ritz-Carlton, Abama launches new family accommodations Palazzo Cristo offers a choice of three spacious, elegant and contemporary apartment suites in the Castello district of Venice. Situated in Campo Santi Giovanni, the historic building dates back to the 16th Century, and features in paintings by both Canaletto and Francesco Guardi. Prior to its current renovation it had remained untouched for nearly 70 years. The stylish, ‘modern classic’ interiors are a celebration of the design talents of owners, Anna Covre and Frederic Tubau, who have created a private and luxurious place to stay in one of Venice’s popular hotspots that still retains a vibrant, local atmosphere. Palazzo Cristo is ideal both as a romantic hideaway for a couple in either of the two 1-bedroom suites, whilst the 3- bedroom suite will appeal to small groups and families. Speak with hand gestures Pointing, miming, and playing charades can often get your message across. If you think you’ve mistakenly offended someone, pull out the Namaste gesture: Press your hands together with your fingers pointing upwards and your thumbsclosetoyourchest,andbowyourheadslightly.That gesture is usually received as a sign of respect and peace. Technology in your hand - Use a translator app There are many to choose from, but the Google Translate app can be a lifesaver: Point the app’s camera at text (a menu, a road sign, a plaque in a museum), and the app automatically translates it. It also lets you have a conversation with someone: Select your languages, talk into the microphone, and the app translates whatever it hears in either language into the other. Carry your hotel’s business card in the local language That way you can always find your way back to the hotel by showing the address to a taxi driver or to someone on the street. Ask the right people for directions If you’re trying to figure out who on a street to ask for directions, the person most likely to speak English is usually a professionally dressed young person. But also consider walking into any hotel, restaurant, or store and asking an employee there for directions. If you have been fortunate to visit either The Pig or LimeWood in Hampshire’s New Forest then you will know that they are renowned for their sparky service, effortless style and tasty food, and that you should book well in advance to secure a table for a glorious dinner let alone a room for the weekend! Well, those clever chappies have exported their woodland magic onto the prestigious slopes of Courchevel 1650 with the superbly positioned ski-in ski-out Portetta . With forty-four hotel rooms, including six loft suites, plus three self-catering ski chalets they can accommodate a wide range of contingencies. The Piste View rooms are recommended for their mountain vistas and sunnymorning aspect. The hotel has a great spa and compliments its UK cousins with an equally fine restaurant. New Forest lifestyle favourite offers ideal ski-in ski-out retreat in the French Alps Palazzo Cristo - Exquisite designer living in Venetian palace immortalised by Canaletto This wonderful year-round resort always has families in mind with its exceptional accommodations, amazing panoramic views and outstanding facilities. Now, to put the icing on the cake, they are launching new family accommodations in Row 4 of the 'Villa‘ area nestled in lush, botanical gardens with ocean or resort views. This row has it’s own enticing swimming pool with 22 new sets of interconnecting Villa deluxe rooms (12 ocean view & 10 resort view) and four Villa one bed family suites (1 ocean view & 3 resort view). 3 Getting understood in a very foreign land The Canny Traveller